Peter Hill

The Albury Wodonga Superfiction 1993

Collaboration Peter Hill and J.J. Voss (Photographer)

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InterNet Visitors

From the first of December 1994 The Museum of Contemporary Ideas, located on Park Avenue New York, will be accessible around the world on InterNet. This will be a free service available to all citizens with access to the international superhighway.The Museum of Contemporary Ideas is the world's largest databank for research developments at post-doctoral level. Whether you are a researcher concerned with the Philosophy of Science, Contemporary Art, Comparative Religion, Dance, Virtual Reality, Bio-physics, Eco-tourism or Information Technology, you can access the most recent developments in your field through contacting Peter Hill (assistant press officer) on the InterNet at our Research Centre located in MOCI's Tasmanian office by keying:

info (at remove) superfictions . com

Mission Statement

The Museum's presentation of contemporary ideas is the most comprehensive in the world offering an unrivalled view across the visual arts, the philosophy of science, architecture, technology, performing arts, and off-planet systems. A range of services are available to the physically challenged. Sign language interpretors are available for hearing-impaired visitors. A sculpture touch tour for the visually impaired departs the main information pod at noon. The Lecture Theaters in the Manhattan Archives' Cameron Theaters 3 and 6 are enhanced by infrared amplification facilities backed up by off-planet broadcasting systems.

Millenium Fund

The Museum's Millenium Fund will create 2000 single-artwork museums of contemporary art around the world by the year 2000. These will be in small towns and villages including Lorrach (Germany), Mosley (England), Namur (Quebec), Leek (Netherlands), Davoura (Algeria), Port Antonio (Jamaica), Inverness (Scotland), Boca Chica (Florida), Tab (Hungary), Ios (Greece), Burnie (Australia), Chiang Mai (Thailand), Downpatrick (Ireland), Mangalore (India) and Cebu (Philippines). As part of a bigger project called 2020 Vision these artworks will be brought together two decades later to form the core of a Museum of Modern Art in Hobart, Tasmania.

Note to Editors:SUPERFICTIONS the next exhibition from The Museum of Contemporary Ideas is at The Art Gallery of New South Wales (Home of the Sydney Biennale) Sydney Dates:10 December 1994 until 15th January 1995. Curator Tony Bond. Then Touring 1995/96.

Press packs, video, T-shirts, and transparencies are available from Peter Hill .

Peter Hill is represented by TORCH Gallery Amsterdam.Contact: Adriaan Van Der Have VOICE: 31 20 6260284 FAX 31 20 6238892

Media Reaction

     For those half-familiar with artspeak and the methods of the art establishment, it all sounds very credible. There are the benefactors, Alice and Abner "Bucky" Cameron, eccentric billionaires. Abner is one of the five richest people in the world. (The oil producers known as the "seven sisters" call him "Big Brother") Hill has fun with half-remembered and totally distorted pieces of general knowledge, adding layer upon layer to his hoaxes. His many press releases gently mock the fashionable anti-art of the establishment. Who could fail to be seduced by The Film Pilgrims, a group whose film The After Sex Cigarette is described as "a neo-romantic fantasy that turns into a penetrating exposÁ of gender issues", or Aloha, "three Australians from Brisbane who take tourism as their theme, making witty pastiches of postcard scenes."
Joanna Mendelssohn The Bulletin/Newsweek January 15 1991

Art Fair Mirage - Peter Hill, assistant press officer for New York's most well-known nonexistent Museum of Contemporary Ideas, was recently in Melbourne at the Judith Pugh Gallery for the opening of his latest bogus project: The Third New York Contemporary Art Fair. The press release for this event reads: This exhibition should be viewed as a single installation which fictionalizes those stressful but exhilarating two hours before an art fair opens, when some galleries are still panicking to get work hung in time for the opening while others are ahead of the game and have already broken open the champagne." Works on sale included those by Aloha entitled If Mondrian Owned a Hairdressing Salon, The Baeslitz Coat Rail, and "I don't Know what Art Is" Jan Hoet, documenta 1X by The Logical Extremists.
Flash Art Jan/Feb 1992

The Museum of Contemporary Ideas is, to paraphrase the Baudrillardians, the ultimate similacrum; its exhibitions represent an unednding semantic game, the ceaseless play of freefloating discourses across information space; and, of course, the artist's oeuvre is a sequence of inexplicable surrogates, pretend art objects of truly Borgesian consequences.
Christopher Heathcote Artmonthly Australia October 1990

Nitsch-Duschvorhang - Das australische Kunstlerkollektiv Aloha wurde mit dem "Cameron Prize for Contemporary Art 1992" ausgezeichnet, den das New Yorker "Museum of Contemporary Ideas" auslobte. 100,000 Dollar Preisgeld und einen einjahrigen New-York-Aufenthalt handelte sich Aloha mit dem Beitrag "The Hermann Nitsch Shower Curtain" ein. Das vier mal vier Fus grosse Cibachrome-Bild mit Nitsch-Motiv ist mit einer vergoldeten Stange versehen und wird in einer Auflage von 100 Stuck fur juweils 1000 Dollar angeboten - als "echter" Duschvorhang. Die Kunstler verstehen diese Arbeit als "Kommentar zur krassen Kommerzialitat und zum gleichzeitigen Mangel an asthetischer Sensibilitat bei den meisten Objekten, die in Museum shops verkauft werden."
Kunstforum Bd.117

The core of the exhibition is Peter Hill's ensemble from The Museum of Contemporary Ideas. To better understand what his many-faceted display is about, make certain you view the accompanying video. It is probably the most thought-provoking work of art I have ever come across. Description in this article is futile so please press that "play" button and enjoy what is to follow.
Joerg Andersch The Saturday Mercury May 22 1993

The Museum of Contemporary Ideas also reflects the latest trends in art merchandising - there are beer mats advertising the museum's new bar, 'Plato's Cave', with the memorable motto Linking Drinking with Thinking.
There were reports of people walking the length of Park Avenue looking for the museum. A leading German art magazine Wolkenkratzer became quite excited. They wrote an article saying it was the world's biggest art museum and as a result the editor was asked to chair a debate to see if Germany could build a similar museum in Frankfurt.
Rebecca Lancashire The Age 12 October 1992

Scottish artist Peter Hill adopts two personae - first is the flip cynic reminiscent of West German bad boys - Oehlen or Dahn for example. We see this in Nouvelle Kunst Faction's installation of a red card table collaged onto a hot pink field of colour - No More Neo-Geo, 1990. Hill's second role is the cool, analytic reporter - like Hans Haacke. Peter Hill a is, I think, a media-smart shopper whose works are an extraordinary sophisticated rehearsal of art-for-art's sake. In his paintings he cultivates an ephemeral thinness indistinguishable from more faux-naif neo-expressionist models, like Bruce McLean. But Film Pilgrims Stillfrom the Film "The After-Sex Cigarette - A Ballet Exploring Gender Issues", 1990, shows the slickness allowed by photography's seamless surface in keeping with the cannibalistic requirements of Hill's deception. The artist's work is another form of second order art. Like that of Robert Gober or Franz West, it is a very literal meditation on the place of art. At a time when the lecturing of an audience is taken for criticality, Hill's target - art galleries and his fellow artists - is more unusual and commands respect for its real risk.
Charles Green Australian Critic for Artforum

It is a very clever idea to invent an institution with a New York address yet to be working from somewhere else in the world. I see that very much as the art of the 90s.
Leon Paroissien Director The Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney Channel Ten

Tasmania Report: At the Edge of the World - 'I like the idea of being at a centre of excellence at the edge of the world and manipulating things in the centre,' says Peter Hill, speaking of his gargantuan satirical fantasy, The Museum of Contemporary Ideas. Staged to look like a fragment of an authentic art fair, and scheduled in competition with the Australian Contemporary Art Fair around the corner, its booths were hung with works of real artists including Joseph Beuys and A.R.Penck, as well as Hill's own manifold fictional figures. One such pseudonym is a Brisbane collective called Aloha whose submission to the Fair, a ready-made called The Hermann Nitsch Shower Curtain , was a sly spoof (invoking the shower scene in Hitchcock's Psycho) of the great curtains of 'blood' in Nitsch's installation in the 1988 Sydney Biennale.
Edward Colless Art and Australia Winter 1993

Museum of Contemporary Ideas - In der Austellung "New Complexities, New Dance Steps", von Eric van Vliet organisiert, wird der Trend weg von der einzelnen Kunstlerpersonlichkeit hin zur Kunstlergruppe, wie er in den letzten Jahren mit den Namen etwa von Gilbert and George, Group Material, Information Fiction PublicitÁ, BP, General Idea und Fischli/Weiss belegt werden kann, weiter verfolgt, und es werden eine Reihe von neuen Gruppierungen (u.a. Made in Palestine, Nouvelle Kunst Faction, Aloha, Cereal Killers, Sex and Death) prasentiert. Das Museum of Contemporary Ideas sieht in diesen neuen kunstlerischen Strategien einen weltweiten Trend fur die Kunst der 90er Jahre: Weg vom Individuum, hin zur Gruppe!
Gabriele Knapstein Wolkenkratzer Art Journal Nr 5 1989

Aloha doesn't exist. They are supposedly a group based in Brisbane, but they are a fiction. Peter Hill, the person behind this, is a rather elusive character and you will have to go to Hobart to find him. It's not by chance he lives in Tasmania - the most unlikely place for this fiction to emerge from, and yet perhaps the only place it could emerge from.
Nick Waterlow 3-time Sydney Biennale Director Inside Edition Channel Ten 12/5/93

Peter Hill's Museum of Contemporary Ideas is one of many emerging artworks around the world which are based on fictional organisations, individuals, or philosophies. Most are marked by organizational complexity or money-no-object fantasy. Many are oxymorons. Other superfictions include Res Ingold (Switzerland) and his fictional airline, Servaas (Amsterdam) and his fictional world of fish, Juan Foncuberta and Pere Formiguera (Spain) and their historical recreation through taxidermy of extinct and mythical animals and plants,Patrick Corillion (France) and his many personae, Seymour Likely (Netherlands), Rodney Glick (Australia) and David Wilson's (USA) Museum of Jurassic Technology. These and many others are catalogued within The Encyclopaedia of Superfictions , an InterNet artwork created by Peter Hill.

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