Peter Hill

The Albury Wodonga Superfiction 1993

Collaboration Peter Hill and J.J. Voss (Photographer)


James Bond's resume (CV)

Her Majesty's Secret Service
C/O Ministry of Defense
Regents Park Headquarters
London, England

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Thanks to James Bond: the authorized biography of 007,

John Pearson, New York: William Morrow & Company, 1973

Private consulting in international security which will not
unduly interrupt my retirement, hobbies, and family life;
first class travel & accomodations


* Commander, Her Majesty's Secret Service, Retired
* 007 was official Service code name
* Outstanding record of international service
* Expert in small arms, cyphers, explosives, computers
* Fluent in French, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese
* Declined offers of Knighthood and Congressional Medal of Honor (USA)


1938-1939 British Intelligence, ref: Maddox
Special Training/Continental Assignments
* Monte Carlo (file: Vlacek)
* Berlin, Hotel Adlon (Station P)
* Istanbul, Hotel Pera Palace, (Station N), (file: Azom/Rhazid)
* Leninske Gory, Moscow, (file: Fedyeov)
* Kitzbuhel, Tyrol, Hirzingerhof Hotel, (file: Major Smythe)
* Paris (Garde Mobile revolver range, Olympic pool - Vincennes,
Montparnasse Gymnasium with European Judo Champion Kiebermann)

Aug 1939 British Naval Intelligence HQ, Regents Park, London, England
* Recruited by Ian Fleming (personal assistant to Admiral
Godfrey, Director of Naval Intelligence at the Admiralty)
* Reconnaissance at Wangerooge, Germany, via H.S. Submarine Thruster

Spring 1941 Department of Naval Intelligence
Special Trainee/graduated to Special Active Assignments
* Hertfordshire saboteur course; A+ and private commendation
* Oshawa, on Lake Ontario, Canada: judo course; range records at
small arms and sub-machine gun; cyphers; electronics; explosives;
radio; report stated "The agent is a lethal weapon of the highest calibre"
* Active Assignment, Volney Hotel, New York City, U.S.A.,
(file: Shingushi), ref: Sir William Stephenson
* Destruction of large refinery at Brest, Feb 1942
* Engineered release of 3 Allied agents, Vichy, France, Mar 1942
* Italian 1-man submarine countermeasures, Alexandria, Egypt
* Promoted to Lieutenant-Commander, stationed in London, late 1942
* Carlton Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden, (file: Svenson), early 1943
* Escape of 2 Jewish scientists across lake Constance, Switzerland
* Ardennes, (file: Semler), (ref: Grunspan), 1944
* C.I.A. liason, Georgetown, Washington D.C., U.S.A., Spring 1945
* Anti-subversion consultant, (ref: Maddox), Paris, France, 1945:
Morocco, Sahara, Dakar, Conakry (Guinea), Senegal, Algeria, Kenya

1945-1965 H.M. Secret Service, Dept. of Naval Intelligence,
Regents Park HQ, London
Special Agent, Double-O Section
* "Universal Export" basements, 3 months combat training, small arms,
machine guns, rockets; chose .32 Beretta for personal armor
* Basingstoke tech training: cryptography, controls/drop-outs, planning, methodology, electronics, computers
* Appointed (after boards) Grade V Civil Servant, ref: Bill Tanner
* Seconded to 00 Section; assigned official Service code name "007"
* Durban's, Kingston, Jamaica (file: Goddess Kull), (ref: Gutteridge), 1951
* Mont-Parnes Hotel, Athens, (file: Demetrios), 1951
* Monte Carlo, (file: Chiffre), 1951
* Caribbean, (file: Mr. Big), Nov 1951
* Helsinki, Finland, Station F, (file: Oborin), (ref: Birkin), 1952
* Cairo, Egypt, late Nov 1952
* C.I.A. liason, re: Presidential tour of Europe, Washington, D.C.
* Hotel Principe e Savoia, Milan, Italy, (file: Trade Fair)
* Tokyo, Japan, loosely attached to Station T, (file: Eastern Network), 1954
* Various assignments 1955-59 (files: Macao; U-235; Moonraker;
Istanbul; Granitsky; Rosa Klebb; Dr. No; Budapest; Goldfinger;
For Your Eyes Only; Thunderball); now carried Walther PPK
* Toronto, Canada, (file: Uhlmann), 1960
* Rome, Italy, (file: Prenderghast), 1962
* Kyoto, Japan, (ref: Tiger Tanaka)
* Kingston, Jamaica, (files: Scaramanga; Octopussy)


1932 Kings College School, London
Autumn, 1933 Eton
1934 Geneva University, Switzerland
1936 Fettes, Edinburgh, Scotland
1938 Geneva University, Switzerland


Born: 11 November 1920
Wattenscheid (near Essen)
Ruhr Valley, Germany (but no German ancestry)

Father: Andrew Bond 1932: Glencoe, Argyll, Scotland
6 North View, Wimbledon, England

Bond Family Highland Scots; 3 Bonds, all brothers, slaughtered in Glencoe in massacre
Background: of 1692; by 19th Century: a missionary, several distinguished
doctors, and an advocate; Great-grandfather James Bond
won a V.C. with Highland Infantry against Russians before Sebastopol

Father's Fettes, Edinburgh, Scotland
Education: Prize Scholar; Captain of Games
Aberdeen University, Scotland
B.Sc., Engineering, with Honors

Father's * Metro-Vickers
Employment: * Royal Engineers: survived Ypres, seconded to Ian Hay's staff, Gallipoli
* Awarded D.S.O. (lost arm)
* Attached to Allied Military Government, Rank of Brigadier
* Secondment to the Allied High Command, Germany
* Metro-Vickers; consultant, 3 yrs., Nile dam above Aswan, Egypt
* Metro-Vickers; power station near Chinon, Loire, France
* Metro-Vickers; power station, Perlovska (near Moscow), Russia, 1931
* After Metro-Vickers trial, appointed to Head Office

Mother: Monique Delacroix, Canton of Vaud, Switzerland

Siblings: 1 brother, Henry

Engagements & * Engaged, Spring 1941, Muriel
Marriages: * Engaged, 1955, Tiffany Case
* Engaged, Sep 1961, Countess "Tracy" Teresa di Vincenzo;
married in Munich; murdered by Blofeld & Irma Bunt on the road to
honeymoon in Kitzbuhel

Children: One known illegitimate child, James Suzuki, from Kissy Suzuki, Tokyo, 1962-3

Medical: * King Edward VII Hospital for Officers, Beaumont St. -- liver trouble
* Psych therapy, Sir James Molony, Sevenoaks, England, 1954

Appearence: Handsome; scar down left cheek; dark hair, comma over forehead;
warm, dry handshake

Hobbies: Gourmet food and fine wine; flying; sailing; skiing; golf

REFERENCES: Available upon request

Borges, Jorge Luis (1899-1986) Argentinian short story writer, essayist and poet. Educated in Buenos Aires and Geneva. Creator of mathematically tight short stories such as Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius, The Lottery in Babylon,
Funes the Memorious, and The Garden of Forking Paths. The 'skilful
anglicizing of his mother tongue' which The Times referred to in his obituary might be linked to his respect for the imagination of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle see Sherlock Holmes.

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