Peter Hill

The Albury Wodonga Superfiction 1993

Collaboration Peter Hill and J.J. Voss (Photographer)

T H E   A R T  F A I R   M U R D E R S

A Novel   An Installation

by Peter Hill

Art Fair Murders Catalogue - 1997

Sample of Art Transporter's Rhyming Slang

Summary of Chapters

Chapter Five May Chicago

Prologue - The Aberdeen Writers' Club

The Making of The Art Fair Murders

Jacko's Obituary

Twelve bizarre murders in twelve cities around the world, each in a different month of the same year - 1989. What could possibly link them?

If postcards of artworks from museums around the world had not been left beside the mutilated bodies these twelve crimes would have forever seemed unconnected and almost certainly gone undetected, slipping under the weight of other more urgent felonies in Frankfurt, Melbourne, Paris, Miami, Hong Kong, London...

On each postcard a murder or intimation of death is depicted by artists from the distant past to the present day -

Goya, Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Andy Warhol, Brett Whitely, Rainer Fetting, Robert Yarber, Joel Peter Witkins, Peter Howson, Julie Gough, Christine Borland, Aloha...

The manner of death reproduced in the postcards is mirrored by the deaths in the twelve cities - death by poisoning, shooting, drowning, electrocution, burning... death by falling. As the months of murder progress it becomes apparent that each murder has been committed during the run of a commercial art fair in each of the twelve cities. Is the murderer an artist, gallery dealer, art critic, collector, or art transporter? Serial killing reaches new heights of artistry and humour in this chilling crime fantasy. A sample chapter of this outrageous novel can be found on Mosaic by going to the home page of:

The Museum of Contemporary Ideas

International book and film rights will be auctioned in Los Angeles and London .

Expressions of interest can be E-mailed to:

info (at)

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